Every real estate agent has their own special way of buying or selling homes. Trying to figure out what comes next as a home buyer or seller is very difficult; until now! You will know up front what you can expect. Below is an outline of the home buying process, click on any of the steps listed below to learn more.

The Step-by-Step Process:
  1. Select Your Buyer Agent
    You need to select a Realtor who will represent you.
  2. Mortgage Pre-Approval
    Getting qualified and finding the right morgage lender is essential.
  3. Select your Home Buying Team
    Select the title company, inspectors, etc.
  4. Begin the House Hunting Phase
    We will begin looking at homes you like.
  5. You have Found the Home of Your Dreams
    We have found the house we want, what is next?
  6. Going to the Negotiation Table
    Let’s write an offer and deliver it to the Seller’s real estate agent.
  7. Your Offer has Been Accepted
    It’s time to put your Home Buying Team in action.
  8. It’s Settlement Day!
    Today we will conduct a walk through of the home.
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