When it comes to selling your home, you need to be prepared for every possible scenario. Not being prepared and not understanding what needs to be done when selling your home can cost you in the end. The steps below outline the process. Be sure to take the time to review the outline below:

The Step-by-Step Process:
  1. Set-up Your “Home for Sale” Plan
    Sit down and set-up your “Home for Sale” game plan.
  2. Choose an Agent or Go Alone
    Choose an agent to help sell your home or do it yourself.
  3. Getting Your House Ready to Sell
    Time to get out the paint, patch the holes…
  4. Advertising the Sale of Your Home
    Learn how to begin advertising your home for sale.
  5. Showing Your Home to Buyers
    This can be a controversial subject during home selling.
  6. You just got an Offer! Now What?
    OK, now you got an offer for your home. Now what?
  7. Time for Inspections!
    Your home is under contract and it’s time for inspection.
  8. Settlement and the Transfer!
    It’s time for settlement and the transfer of ownership.
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